Alastair Campbell on Charles Rose

03 Aug

Today I heard Alastair Campbell on Charles Rose. I dont know whether I liked the Person but I found him impressive. I would really like to read his book.

I previously read ‘Shahab Nama’ which part was from a diary of a Shahab Sahab who remained important part of the Pakistan Governament. It would be interesting to compare the two.

I liked how he was talking about the Clinton, Bush and about Tony Blair. He holds Clinton very high (well not above Tony, I think).

One of my favorite comment he made during the interview was that He Found President Bush more intelligent than he was projected around the world. I like the comment because I have always been questioning this thing, myself and to the people I meet in America. If he was such stupid person they how and why was he elected to be President of such media savvy  country. And if he is such a stupid person then American people should not worry about getting him out, they should worry about the system that let him in.

Lets see what there is to read.

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