Chinese Products, America and Shahalmie (Lahore, Pakistan)

09 Aug 

While America is crying foul on the chinese products, recalling toys manufactured in China, calling for being careful while using their sea foods, saying toothpaste might contains a material used in the refigration (a poison for human)

I wander whats going around in Pakistan about that. Pakistan is flooded with Chinese products. These products are readily available in Shahalmie. Many families use Chines soaps and  toothpastes, just because there are extremely cheap comparing to Pakisani products, beautifully packed, have good perfume and dont LOOK cheap.

The toy industry of China, I feel has almost eleminated small toy manufactures in Pakistan, even if there were any in Pakistan.

And I dont know if Pakistan is doing anything about it. America is saying lead used in paints on the toys is extremely harmful to mental power of a child.

But how can you recall back these products in Pakistan. No there will not be recall.

In a country where toy bought for one child is played by many others for many years, its very dangerous matter. Children whose families have bought these products will continue to have their children and all the children of their relatives take-in the portions of lead.

Its extremely necessary that proper message should be sent to people in Pakistan about these products. Awareness should be spread.

Where you cant find clean water for many, who will listen and work on such issue?

But atleast I can raise voice and thats what I am doing.

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Posted by on August 9, 2007 in America, Pakistan, public awareness


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