The Bourne Ultimatum

16 Aug

A wonderful film. It keeps you on the verge of your seat. Every scene keeps you alert, wanting to know whats going around and what’s happening.
The story is strong. The plus point is that the action contain every thing from the action films but looks EXTREMELY REAL. The moves and fights are really like two people fighting not some gymnasts jumping here and there. The way camera has been used makes them more realistic and pulls the user inside the arena.
Although a viewer can question how Bourne was able to do that. How he was able to get inside the CIA buildingĀ or why villains acted like that? But the director does not give time to think about this more than few moments and throws towards you new chase, new people coming in,……
It keeps your eyes and brain busy (your hands and mouth also if you have habit of bitting your nails when tense).

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Posted by on August 16, 2007 in Film Review


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