Bomb Blast on Benazir’s Convoy

18 Oct

A bad news again from my country. Bomb blasts occured in the convoy of Benazir’s convoy which has gone back to country after 8 years of self-exile. 125 people have died and more than 500 people are injured.

Some people might has it has be orchestered by some agency or even Benazir.  I will not speak politics, I will not point fingers to any one. I assume this was done by some stupid person, let me assume by some evil, enemy of people. But I will like to figure out mistakes in aftermath.

First Benazir………………From the time of the blast till now, Benazir has not come on media or contacted media or issued any message. 100+ of her workers have died and she according to her husband (Zardari) is resting. A simple one/two minute camera recorded message would have been much better. I really felt bad about here non-reponsive behaviour at this time.

Then Govt. , Hospitals………….The event has not only exposed the security lapses in governament. But also has exposed the thin shape of our Medical Institutions. They were un-prepared. They could not handle such input. I am afraid if some clamity hits Karachi our Medical Institutions will make the things worse. It was one bomb blast at one location. Suppose there is e.g. gas line brust or earth quake or even multiple terrorist activities.

PPP………………………..The responsibility not only lies on Governament for its unpreparedness, but also the Pakistan Peoples party. Why they were having the controll of both lanes? Where were their own first-aid or medical staff? Why were they unprepared.? They were collecting thousands of people (they claim about 20 Million) and they had not made any plan for such happening.

Media………………………As the more days are going more bad the things are coming there.  The live telecast of those events on Aaj Tv and the Geo Tv made it more impacting. But where Aaj tv was able to show more direct views and more quickly it did not had a good media person on the show. The lady on the Tv did not knew what to say, how to ask question and what to ask.  I will atleast give them credit for showing the news of the Ary’s Camera man’s death, the Geo on the other hand just said the ‘camera man of private Tv channel has died’.

The bad thing about was that Aaj Tv relaid the name of that person which I think they should not have done without first informing the family of that person.

Evey leader is saying its bad, saying governament should have done more. Now enquiries will happe, messages will be sent but those 125 people who have died will not get anything. Their families will have to suffer from the loss and reality that people like us die without having an empact.


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2 responses to “Bomb Blast on Benazir’s Convoy

  1. Paulus

    October 19, 2007 at 5:50 am

    It is always the innocent that suffer and my heart goes out to them. They are caught in an ugly battle between angry seekers for power.

    I have been struggling to understand what is going on in the Middle East and it’s starting to make sense to me. There is a civil war throughout the region and it was only a matter of time before Pakistan would be drawn in deeply.

    It is not surprising that the spark that finally lit the flame was the arrival of a high profile advocate of moderation in the person of Benazir Bhutto.

    The battle we are seeing is for the leadership of Muslim fundamentalism. I have written a series of articles which analyse how this situation has evolved to try to provide a simple explanation of what is at stake. If you are interested the link is:


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