People in London Speak English? American Arrogance or I Do Not Care Attitude

25 Oct

“Former UF Linebacker Channing Crowder told The Palm Beach Post he didn’t know people in London spoke English” reported Alligator (25 Oct 2007).

He is the Football (American) player of the University of Florida. Although I have known that people (even American themselves) made joke about general knowledge of American people. I had a feeling that it’s not the case with the University Going people.

But signs are everywhere. The sports American usually play are American Football, baseball and basketball. Keeping aside the basketball two other games are just American games. The so called World Series they hold are just their own teams with little bit of some other countries involved.

The News that goes on their channels is mostly local news, news about the accident here or there, what the Hollywood celebrity is doing.Very less of the news is global. Yes they do have very good documentaries aired regarding stories around the world, but these are very less part of their main news portions. Even most of the world news is about middle east, little bit about the Afghanistan and somewhat about the Africa.

You hear names of East Asian Countries (thanks to Indian Economy and Pakistan’s problems they do know that Asians are not simply Japanese, Chinese, Taiwan’s or Koreans) , India and European countries during the market news, unless ofcourse it bigger news.

My roommate was little taken back to see that CNN did not gave a good time coverage to 18 Oct bomb blast, although a day later they increased their coverage. But that means when every one in Pakistan was panicking what was going around, CNN did not cared.

Is this Arrogance? I think no. It their culture of living away from everyone. It might be because their country is by land very little in contact with anyone else.

Or it might be because America it self is so huge and each city in itself so complete that they did not care much about outside.

Or it could be that because in America ‘Me and My Self’ is more important than anything else,

Or because in past when settlements were established man/woman only cared about their surroundings to survive. This have made them accustomed to only give importance to themselves and things around them.

Their small towns are much better than many cities. In them you can find everything school, post-office, their own news paper, small radio, a local channel, local police and sherif, ….. So complete little world that they dont think about outside world.

Point is they dont need outside world. I mean why a UF-Football player needs to now that London even exists. He can believe that only America is The World and play to his best strength against his own America citizens, earn a draft and then after some age retire with lots of money. Or he can play bad, finish his degree and start some white color job.

His economy and family is not dependent on any foreign thing, well oil is there but American Govt. has good control over it.

At the same time I have met and seen many intelligent people. The Testimony about the Pakistan in-front of Senate Committee (I think) was clear showing how much they know and understand about Pakistan. I was little amazed that they knew so much; although some questions were usual dumb ones, but many were good piercing ones.

Their universities are hub of research about everything that exists (or existed) in the universe. And I have heard researchers in these universities know more about different societies of the world than the people who are living in them. Many of their newspapers are universally quoted when any political/economical change is coming. (Washington-Post and Newyork Times reports are notoriously used by Pakistani Pundits which politician could be getting up and whose time has ran out; definitely ran-out means in the American Clock)

Is it the capitalist thinking or mass economy based media that thinks its best for profit by just keeping people in the illusion of their own importance? I still dont know.

But I know harms of this media-dominance, which only knows that culture is what American culture, hit songs what are are English hit songs, fashion and in-thing is what is going around in their own surroundings.

When the era is defined by the names of the people who are famous in America. When Great depression Period in economy is only when it was depressed in America. You can bet people acceptable to them even in other countries will be which are closer to them. People who eat and wear like them, whose phrases and emotions are like them.

It is unfortunate but true that if world has to change for better, Americans will have to change. Change to tell their govt. that they do not need to live under “Capitalist-Iron Curtain”

This will greatly challenge the other cultures and their histories. Because unfortunately no one except developed West is cataloging the history. If this is level of dont-care from our side, how can we call American to be Arrogant if he does not know that Pakistan existed before 9/11.

In this only cultures of those people survive which honor them, save them, catalog them, research them.


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12 responses to “People in London Speak English? American Arrogance or I Do Not Care Attitude

  1. jvalways

    October 27, 2007 at 2:25 am

    clearly, uf is a “party school,” this is one wasted scholarship that should have been better spent.

  2. jonolan

    November 13, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    It’s actually part of the same attitude that has a lot of Americans wanting us out of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq. The US is really a “live & let live” sort of culture. We pretty much like to let the world go it’s way while we go ours.

    Sadly in these sad days of globalism and multiculturalism we have to take a greater interest in the rest of the world, but we really don’t like to. It gets in the way of “live & let live”.

    When we find out something we think is bad is happening somewhere we have the tendency to want to correct that. Perhaps you’ve noticed how that sometimes turns out…

    Really, most of us don’t really want to know about what’s going on – we’d feel we had to do something about it if we did.

  3. mohsenali

    November 13, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Jonolan, its interesting observation or different way of explaining the attitude of American public.
    Most of them are nice people but yes they dont want to know much about outside their horizon.

  4. irritatededitor

    December 17, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    This is an unfair assumption to make–not all Americans are as stupid and self-centered as Mr. Crowder–and your ignorance of the attitudes of the American public is insulting. Also, it would behoove you to have an English speaker edit your posts from now on if you would like to be taken seriously by legitimate academics.

    • paul walker

      September 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      Sorry, but I am English, born and bred in LONDON England. The most arrogant tourists that I see in London are by far the American. Stupid comments like, ” gee wiz wait ’till I tell the folks back home I’m standing on London Bridge” when in fact they were standing on TOWER BRIDGE. I can go on and on about American Tourists. In my oppinion they should learn there subject before “shooting off at the mouth”. The fact they seem to think the British owe them something for WW11. Sorry again but the English recieved a bill for American “support” during World War Two. We paid for the Liberty ships and the food that was shipped across to us and in return we paid our dept with cash and the dept was cleared in 2010. Also we have supported the “yanks” when they have gone on a “no win” war, and yet these arrogant people come to a great city with very little knowledge of where they are.
      Sorry again but with national debt per head as America has I would not be so arogant when visiting a foriegn country.

      • mohsenali

        October 1, 2011 at 10:35 pm

        Paul regarding not knowing where one is standing, isn’t this the case with lot of the tourists.

  5. mohsenali

    December 19, 2007 at 8:43 am

    I invite you to read my post till end or if you have already done that please re-read it. My intent of this post is different than what you are assuming.
    For example have a look at paragraph starting with ‘At the same time I have met and seen many intelligent people’.
    My Post does not label any one as ‘stupid’, infact what my post is saying about America is much positive than negative.

    Thanks for the advice; I am aware that I am extremely poor in English language, I am working on it.

  6. jvalways

    December 20, 2007 at 12:47 am

    mohsenali — there is nothing wrong with your observations, apparently the reader who commented above is unable to differentiate between an observation and an editorial. and so far as your english goes, you’re doing fine, i bet the nuances of your native language would elude the “irritatededitor.”

  7. mohsenali

    December 20, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks jvalways for your support. Yes it might be the case because there is certain difference in how things are said in my native language and English.

  8. Sayak

    May 23, 2010 at 10:12 am

    The foreign policy of the United States seems arrogant to other nations because it is a product of unbridled arrogance among individuals from that country. Most Americans, it seems, have very little patience with those who are not very rich, have a different accent and skin colour and are not fast and competitive. As a foreign visitor to America, you will be struck by the rudeness you encounter on the street, and total apathy towards the elderly. Everything revolves around the individual and there’s a “me, me, me” attitude which comes across as very inhumane, and immature to the sensibilities of say, someone from an Indian background.

    I feel such an arrogant behaviour for some part, is being copied by younger generations in India as well, although not to that extent. Most Indians still won’t disrespect their parents, use foul/abusive language or be mean, self-centred and loathsome to others less fortunate than them.

    • mohsenali

      June 16, 2010 at 2:08 am

      Sayak, I think you are generalizing here. Yes, you might at some places feel apathy. I, for example, live in Florida; my experience have been quite good. Passerby, even if stranger will say hi to you, pass smile, hold the doors of the open if you are just behind them.
      As for elders, I talked to some elder person here and they say they want to live alone, alone from their children. It’s just the society that is different from our (Asian) society. Regarding abusive language to their elders, I have seen families where there is fear of their parents, one of my America friend tells me that his mother can still whip his a–.
      Yes there is huge media representation of a society’s section where this apathy is there which in our societies is not acceptable. And yes general trend here is individualism, but we cannot just say it is “me, me, me”, it is “I will protect my benefits first”.

      Regarding the skin color and patience, again I have heard many stories, but my experience have been that people are very patient. They might not understand what you are saying, but will not brush you off. They will try to help you, you just have to let them know that you need help.
      But on in all, my experience has largely being in University Towns so it might be that I have encountered people who have been dealing with strangers for long time now.


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