Remember Remember 3rd of November (Mini Marshal-Law In Pakistan Again)

04 Nov

Remember Remember 3rd of November.

My Country! Shall I cry ?

What shall I say?; sitting far away from my country

Other than I am in a state of disturbance, not because what Musharaf is doing is wrong but that he will be able to get away with it.

The Emergency has been imposed from the order issued from the office of ‘Chief of Army Staff’ not by the ‘President’ of Pakistan. The Law has been send to abeyance.

No verdict of law can be given against any order of President or any one doing his/her job for President.  So  infact the there is no law except Mr. Musharaf.

All Human Rights have been removed.

Shall people come on streets, but why and for whom. Is there any leader whom people should follow?

But where this Country will go by people sitting in the houses?

They say that this order was required for fighting Terrorism. Is it a joke? yes it is.

Terrorism spreads because people feel that they cant get their voice heard through proper channel. Now you don’t have proper channel you will move more people to terrorism or extremism.

By stopping Private Channels from telecasting they are stopping people to see the big picture, making them vulnerable to the locally present elements.

Benazir is in Pakistan, will she be able to bring people to streets and work for the rights of people. Her first response is very strong. But she is still in the shadow of her deal.

Will Imran Khan be able to do something?

Will my people be able to do anything?

Ah! I can’t write any further.

So much tired I am with this, so much tired with myself for not been able to do anything for my country.

Not even to rise voice. Not been strong enough to protest. Not even been able to find a small piece of black cloth to attach to show protest.

Atleast many judges have stopped themselves from taking oath. One must salute them.


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