Peacefull == un-successfull?; Result of Student Protests

10 Nov

Once Gandghi admitted that his actions of non-voilence might have failed to get results if there was some other governament tha British (_). Dont assume that I am trying to play down the atrocities committed by the British Raj, but certainly they observed the rule of Law to certain extent.

Even then the non-violence movement of Gandhi was executed on the streets and roads. One other factor was involvement of masses. I apologies for using this word ‘masses‘ for public but people were used as mass that bogged down the movement of the government.

Unfortunately the government of both India and Pakistan have little consciousness to accept that protest could be peaceful.

Unfortunately our Government lives in heaven of circular arguments and contradictory assumptions, if someone comes on street they point out that Law and Order situation is being disturbed but if some one does the protest silently and peacefully then their argument is ‘see if public had any problem they would have come on streets’.

Till now the result is that; with 4th protest at LUMS, some protest at FAST, etc… these protest will not come into the notice of President or become important enough to be given some bashing from President. While we all feel that these are small but important steps, until they are inside the walls, there is no problem for the administration. And if its no problem then there is no resentment against government.

The psyche of peaceful protest and its effect could only be seen in the educated/conscious societies.


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