Neutral Stand?: Columbia Organisation of Pakistani Student’s statement

11 Nov

Lots of news is coming through emails. I have been trying to verify that Columbia University’s body of Pakistani students has issued a statement that they will take a neutral stand on this matter.

I dont know if they voted for that or their top board made such statement? or even that it was some unofficial remark from their executive member or what.

But this word has really struck me ‘Neutral Stand’, what is neutral stand? Neutral Stand means that you dont have any problem with the removal of Chief Justice or you think that its not important enough to for you to do anything.

I even feel that government would be extremely delighted if we all take the ‘Neutral Stand’ and do not say anything, not even in the favor. Then their action will appear as a normal thing, a matter of every day life,……. Its the important events/action that require either applause or jail-clause.

I fairly believe in the taking neutral stand, you dont want to become party on some issue and take a ‘Neutral Stand’.  You do not want to ride on any fighting bull, you hope out and stand on the side. Fair enough. But some issues, matters and events do not have luxury of the ‘Neutral Stand’. Because sometimes by taking a ‘Neutral Stand’ you become party.

For example if you somehow know that a theft is being planned and you do not report and take ‘Neutral Stand’, then you have already become party because thats what a thief wants ‘no hindrance from you’

The events as big as these require people to take stand. Either you think that what is going around is right and dont do anything or do something.


2 responses to “Neutral Stand?: Columbia Organisation of Pakistani Student’s statement


    February 6, 2013 at 5:59 am

    This really is the 2nd blog post, of your site I personally checked out.

    Still I like this 1, “Neutral Stand?: Columbia Organisation of Pakistani Students statement Stranger\s Words”
    the very best. Thanks ,Coral

    • mohsenali

      March 18, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      thanks Coral


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