Bangladesh and Pakistan; issue of Institution

19 Nov

About a month before our dear Musharaf started his commando action, I was talking to my Bangladeshi neighbor. Although we scarcely talk  about the politics (regional or religious) but that day the talk went on to 1971 and then to current situation in Bangladesh.

He was of view that until present government in Bangladesh is doing fine he will not worry about the restoration of democracy or elections etc…. This was from wast difference from what the view I have that is;  systems and institutions are most important ones. When someone tries to override them to correct them, he/she ends up distroying that.

I think Bangladesh people might need more time to understand that. Might be when their current dictator will try to sell xyz rights to foreign company or will remain there for more than 8 years, then they might find that its not people but system that is important.

And Musharaf brother came to rescue; he presented a live example. Made joke out of himself and Pakistan.

What Musharaf did just reassured that people of Pakistan should not forget again and again that dictators are not to be welcomed, cheered,… otherwise they always live with the assurance that people “Awam”  are behind them.

I still remember many people who supported Musharaf and I was astonished about their reasons. And right now I am also astonished on many who are supporting him right now.


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