Rally for Musharaf In Toronto

20 Nov

In response to following message I received on one of the Punjab University email groups

A rally in support of Musharraf is being held on Nov. 24, 2007 on
Saturday at 3pm infront of Queens Park Toronto. ..

In one of the Tom & Jerry cartoon shows, Tom becomes Jerry’s friend and saves it from being eaten by other cat; pats Jerry on head and kiss him goodbye. Do you know what other cat did, he pulled out the gun and killed himself saying “I have seen all”

Thats what I thought when I heard a personal friend saying ‘I support Musharaf’. I thought ‘I have seen all’; after 8 years I have again heard someone saying he/she supports Musharaf. How wrong was I?
After each passing day the number has increased to small but larger than what I thought there is, saying that they support Musharaf.

Well go on my friends as its the beauty of the democracy it allows even those who are against it to say what they want to say.

But while rallying for Musharaf out of Pakistan, please do think about people being arrested for protesting against it in Pakistan.
They were doing what you would be doing there but that night they were not sleeping on their beds.


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7 responses to “Rally for Musharaf In Toronto

  1. kh

    November 20, 2007 at 12:35 am

    he is a big time lier, he said he gave liberty of speach, why did he closed tv channels in his country, whole world including USA is against bush policies, why this Hina Musharaf is in favour of him, he took billion of dollars from usa to clear the country debts, but at the cost of innocent blood

  2. Mike Quddous

    December 1, 2007 at 9:49 am

    Folks let us be real !

    Benazir and her associates are in my opinion only care about power. I think every Pakistani is aware of all the corruption cases her husbans was involved in they were ripping off the Government like her father Zulfiqar Bhutto and his freionds did when they were ion the power. remember people used to say
    ” DAL ROTI KHAIN GE BHUTTO KO LAIN GE” and then what happened later?

    Same people started saying that Damn! Bhutto has made everything so expensive that we can not even buy dal roti easily.

    I graduated from an engineering University in Sind and at the time of Benazir Scoudrals used to rule the capus couple of terrorist that brutally assaulted and raped two of my frieinds from Karachi were seen in news with Benazir as her buddies in social events. There was no law enforcement, or any concept of justice it was just PPP.

    I used to live outside campus in suburbs and survived and left the country in 1985 and changed my name and identity.

    Off course I SUPPORT MUSHARAF or any body who is trying to keep these thugs in check.

    As to freeedom of press

    Does American press have total freedom when it comes to matter of national security? Off course not

    Every country has right to control the media if it is in best interest of public and National security so why we are bashing Musharaf. We cannot have such a double standard.

    Does anybody think how Benazir and all the high ranked party officials survived the blast? how do we know that it was not self staged.

    Only poor lower level workers gave away their lives for a woman who in my opinion is not worth holding a key post in Palisgtan Government who after all these years cannot even speak our national language with correct grammer.

    Our Country needs people like President Ayuob Khan who put the country on right track ( Yes he made Islamabad for his people So what? he did make Mangla and Tarbela dams too)

    Musharaf is lesser of the evils that has atleast brought economy to Pakistan.

  3. Ghulam Waheed Iqbal

    December 1, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    Musharraf is what pakistan needs, I support him and may God help him in his vision and plans, bhutto, sharif they have done nothing but self gain for themselves, their clans, tribes, everyone knew zardari was the 5% man, it is unfortunate that many in pakistan are poor and unfortunate, and these mal’uoons play with the hearts and minds of these people, isn’t it clear they enjoy the ultimate luxury, Musharraf when he became President, he opend up his records, see for yourself, I hope he is there till he dies and fixes pakistan for the next generation, Pakistan in itself was a trangedy the bad mistake of the personal gains of jinnah and others, pakistan and bangladesh should never have been partisioned, Muslims would have been in better situation, in kashmir, in pakistan, in bangladesh and all over india, there are 200 million muslims in india more then the whole arab world combined, maybe another 170 million in pakistan, 150 Million in Bangladesh add that up give or take almost 500million, now they would have been close to 1/2 of the indian population!! ina’lilah wa’ina ilaihe rajooon.

  4. mohsenali

    December 2, 2007 at 3:24 am

    Mr. Iqbal if Pakistan needs Musharaf let people decide it.
    By the way who is living in luxury now?
    Who the ministers of Mr. Musharaf, who are his ally in politics?

    And about Pakistan being mistake, my friend you know what was ratio of Muslims studying in the colleges before and after the Partition?
    Please review the history and enjoy what our forefathers did not had, the freedom.
    And this freedom should not be controlled by any dictators.

  5. mohsenali

    December 2, 2007 at 3:34 am

    As for freedom of press Mike let me give you example, read the alligator magazine, its university magazine and the kind of criticism it has you can not even imagine in Pakistan.
    As for freedom of press, do you know that BBC’s reports were included in the testimony that went about after the Iraq war?

    Mike after coming to America and seeing their reports I am amazed and ashamed both. Amazed that they defend their view point so rigorously, not that they are always right and not that they sometimes shy away from some topics, but not all of them do this someone will be discussing that topic.
    I am ashamed that many of things and stories that should have been raised by the Muslim media are raised by these.
    They criticize Bush and their own people more than our media does.
    Definitely their concern of criticism is different from us but never the less they criticize hell of it.
    Thats why America is great because they allow the critics to survive, not like us placed behind bars, or lashed in public.

  6. Mike Quddous

    December 2, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Mr. Mohsin

    I ask you one single question inresponse to your arguments and answer to yourself with all honesty, “DOES us MEDIA HAVE TOTAL FREEDOM? WHEN IT COMES TO MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY INTERST.

    Can CNN or other media report something critical without getting greem light from Govt? Do you remember a recent study oublished by BBC that was 3 years old because it Brits did not Ok to its publication.

    As to Geo I would have understand if it gave an unbiased version but in reality it gave pandering stories to please a particular class.

    E.g It showed a woman being dragged by police into the van but it does not want the world to see that this woman started the altercation by pushing the cops and getting physical with people in the name of PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION. There are hundred of cases where Geo reported unfairly.

  7. mohsenali

    December 2, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    Let me get your question in 2 parts
    1) if media is saying/doing something against National Security then there are Laws in Pakistan that could be used to question them and prosecute them. Doing Extra-Constitutional acts is a crime which Mr. Musharaf has committed. National Security can only be protected when you protect and abide law. And my case rest with that.

    As for my view
    Again Mike the question is what is National Security, is showing story that American Soldiers might be involved in the killing of the innocent Iraqi’s comes in National Security. Does it comes in the National Security? some Americans think they do but this story was run on American media.
    And there are lots of examples.


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