Nawaz Sharif Comeback: What the hell is going around?

25 Nov

Now Nawaz Sharif is back home, addressing the crowds, paying salams at Data Darbar, speaking to people at Sadar Chowk (my house is near the Sadar Chowk),….

I am angry, angry that how our Govt. is taking U turns to suite itself, making joke out of the country. And at the same time my head and heart is telling me be aware there is another deal, some other activity that has allowed Nawaz Sharif to comeback.

Why has he been allowed back?

I know our Govt. is not so good in heart, not upholder of law, not even by far beacon of moralit and they definitely don’t do anything for benefit of only Pakistan (definitely not for Pakistan without them as heads), they are doing it for themselves. They must be benefiting from his return. Might be act to balance Benazir or to back push Imran.

But the time will tell whether there is deal b/w Nawaz and Musharaf, direct or indirect. Or Nawaz plays cards intelligently, siding Benazir with himself.

The bad thing from his return would be that it will add one more variable in the equation. Making it more difficult for the equation solver to find the solution.

Presence of both Benazir and Nawaz will definitely take away the edge Imran was getting. But it also happened for small time when Benazir came, Imran was sent in background only Musharaf’s stupid action and Benazir’s limped stance in the beginning brought him back, as he stood up for Judiciary. I am not banking on him as he is long way from winning anything more than 2 seats.

Only time will tell what game is being played with people of Pakistan.


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