(Batton Charge) Lathi Charge on Student/Civil Society’s Protest

05 Dec

Just wanted to post this BBC video link about this because this link was in BBC urdu 

Only thing I will going to say about this is Wao, I am impressed by these people.

Its important that people know about these and see these videos, these are not Bearded men or veiled women, whom media can label as Extremist Muslims. I am never appologistic about people having beards and women having veils and protesting against government western or their own.

But importance of this video is that it shows people who are much closer to what Western society have habit to seeing around them, people wearing jeans and speaking English.

So what do you think about these people?

Do you think these people in any way represent what you call extremists or fundamentalists?

So my Western friends these are not the so-called  extremists who want to remove the Musharaf, its the civil society that wants to remove Army from the government.


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