Cricket Help; Question of Nationality

07 Dec

This is what made me

Some years back Wasim Akram was sprayed with the allegations of traitor on the news that he may go to India to train their bowlers.

It was not the first time, he was before that criticized of giving some Indian fast bowlers tips  about improving the performance, and in those series both Indian fast bowlers really did a marvelous job.  Things started when they openly thanked Wasim Akram for his expert advice.

Being Pakistani , seeing my batsmen being getting out and getting to know that wicket taking bowlers have been advised by the Wasim Akram I also felt betrayed. But at that time also I knew there is difference in war and sports. In war if you tell the other side’s artillery man that if he just do this the shells are more likely to land on target, its stupidity but in sports you help each other in developing.

Following is the piece which made me write this post.


Qasim, who had made the team ahead of Abdul Qadir only because Javed Miandad and Mudassar Nazar convinced Imran, later revealed how Bishan Singh Bedi helped improve his performances. “I was struggling to get wickets in a low-scoring Test,” he told Mid-Day in 2004. “Imran kept glaring at me from mid-off after every wicketless over on a pitch ideal for the spinners.”

It was a wicket, the Wisden Almanack reported, on which even an offspinner could bowl bouncers, and Bedi told Qasim: “The more effort you put in, the more it will turn. And neither will you hit the stumps, nor will you get an edge.” Qasim concentrated on hitting one spot on a length the next day and said “it worked magic” for him. (Qasim took 9 wickets in that test)


And this is not the only example.


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3 responses to “Cricket Help; Question of Nationality

  1. Entertainment News

    December 8, 2007 at 6:42 am


  2. mohsenali

    December 8, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    I think you mistook my post. I believe that its good to help each other (regardless of nationality) in developing skills.
    And I gave the two examples to show that this flow of knowledge is two way, if Wasim helped someone, there was also player of some other country who helped our players.


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