Should I vote?

22 Dec

Should I vote? or boycott elections.

Question so important for the people of Pakistan and it is without answer.

I dont know answer, what I know is that our decision should be unanimous. Unanimous is the silver bullet, its the solution. How difficult is to get? Extremely extremely difficult; even in the room full of educated, knowing and honest people its difficult and impossible.

But in this situation there is something we know what will not happen, its unanimous that there will not be complete boycott. There will be vote-casting either for the PML(N) or PPP or in the worst case for the Musharaf but there would be.

So what will happen now in the present scenario if we dont vote? We will just help dictator’s party.

But then I question my self what if the long lines of the people are just the used for propaganda for  free and fare election while results are manipulated in the background?

For this I dont have answer.  The answer I have is that if I had been in Pakistan I would have gone for voting.

I know that PML(N)  and PPP have made unwise decision for participating in the election, but now they have decided to enter the ring the only option I have is to either support the ring masters or them. I will support them even while I dont feel good in supporting them, they are not much  different from the ring masters, but they atleast require me for their existence.

But like many questions in Pakistan, there is no perfect answer and what decision is correct and what is wrong depends on the future.

I know one thing after the election the student/civil-society activism will become more important,  they will be the force ready for battle and then political parities will need them to put pressure on the government. They are the only threat to government and every party will play card with Musharaf that if their terms are not agreed they will become part of those who are protesting.


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2 responses to “Should I vote?

  1. patricksperry

    December 22, 2007 at 8:38 am


    You pose serious questions in a situation where I think that there may be no concrete answers. Should you vote? I would always, in a free nation, say yes.

    Now, I need to qualify a few things perhaps. I do not think for a second that Pakistan, is a dangerous place, a very dangerous place. There are many factions bidding for power there at this time. At least from what me, as an outside observer sees. Which may not be true. Be that as it may…

    Democracy, is no paradise. Indeed, it was called two wolves and a lamb deciding on what is for dinner. So, voting, in and of itself, is no panacea. Mob rule is seldom a good thing. Strong people, with solid morals, and common sense on their side may be better than pure democracy. Even if they are in the minority.

    In the United States of America, there is the “Bill of Rights.” It safe guards minorities from the “Tyranny of the many.” As well as tyranny by government.

    As much as I despise my words here. Arms, and action, may be the only true path to what you seek.

    Always seek peace with neighbors. Until they seek to destroy you and yours anyways.

    “Know thine enemies, hold those that you love close, and your enemies, closer.”

    From The Codes of the Warriors

    You tread a very dangerous path Friend. I wish you well.

  2. patricksperry

    December 22, 2007 at 8:41 am

    edit: Pakistan is a very dangerous place! The sentence should have read: I do not think for a second that Pakistan, is not a dangerous place, a very dangerous place.


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