Benazir Killed! Ramifications?

27 Dec

Finally her killers were able to kill her, remove her from scene. Last one of the Bhutto’s children also killed like her kins. In the long list of conspiracies one more has been added but it will echo a many years.

She might have long list of corruption both monetary and political but she was viewed as great leader for so many people of Pakistan. Her removal will going to affect Pakistan in a really bad way. Pakistan People Party (PPP) workers are known for their activism. They have already taken the streets. People have started rioting. Curfew might be imposed to control it.

However it’s the small problem, the big problem is that a major leader has been removed from the scene. Frankly if the elections are held in the fair way, now it will be really really difficult for Musharaf’s ally to win. But who will be the leader? Nawaz Sharif? he can not even contest the elections.

Benazir was not as big leader as his father Bhutoo. She was helped greatly by his father’s name. But now there is no one from Bhutoo’s family that could come in front and take the charge, the PPP would be run by someone not from Bhutoo.The impact of the larger than life leaders is that it shadows away all other leaders. It will take time before people will start recognizing anyone from her party. Right now there is only one person ‘Aitzaz Ahsan’ from her party being recognized and praised. Zardari might not be able to win the majority favor but he might be accepted for sometime to allow any one of the children to come and takeover the leadership. Yes my friends the political parties are like dynasties in Pakistan, unfortunate but true.

The other effect is who will be blamed? Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Musharaf or Pakistan Army, ISI ? There many suspicious names, but she herself have ruled out that she will be attacked by Taliban or people fighting in Nothern Areas, she was more inclined that ISI might try to kill her. Where will the anger go? Musharaf will be the most clear person, target of people’s anger.

Why I am writing this? I ask my self. People who have orchestrated these events would have thought about the future, but they dont know sometimes some events are too big to be handled by the planners.

I wish this event is the event which changes the direction of the nation in the right direction.

Long Live Pakistan


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