Benazir Killed! Questions and Liaqat Ali Khan

28 Dec

Media is describing her assassination that she just came out of the sunrise window to wave for the crowd but they are not raising the questions about how it is possible that some assassin got clear shot in such small amount of time. Or was he lucky? But how did that lucky devil knew that car will stop at this point?

News is also there that the dead body has not been given any postmortem, why? I dont understand. How will they decide that whether she died with bullet or shrapnel? Without the medical exam who will tell how far away was murderer?.

These questions might not be able to find the conspirator, but not answering them will definitely raise more shades, give boost to the conspiracy theories. More fingers will be raised on the government, citing not only their incompetence but  doubts about their involvement

When Liaqat Ali Khan was killed, his murderer was killed on the spot and by the police themselves, till now we do not know why Liaqat Ali Khan was killed. Lots of questions that are still raised but there is no way to answer them.

Sad event for the Rawalpindi, it now has blood of two leaders on their streets.How different are two leaders, one about whom it is said that he was wearing clothes having holes in them and other who has long list of corruption on her. One who played important role in creation of the country, other whose biggest achievement was nothing more that being daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. She might had potential of doing something great, but what ever she had she lost it in the dirt of the politics and personal dictatorship.

But she was leader, leader of this nation that does not get any leader for long time.

Nation who is so unfortunate that their best leaders are Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir.

May Allah Protect Pakistan


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2 responses to “Benazir Killed! Questions and Liaqat Ali Khan

  1. irfanfarooqi

    December 29, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Mr.Mohsin i want to give suggestion that why u are discussing issues which has no value-

    Muslims get rid of these shaitaanee men and women in the face of Bhutto and benazir-

    Pleae discuss Muslims issues not these shaitaans-

    Its the Blessing Of ALLAH S.W.T that muslims get rid whole of this family now their some shaitaane and dacoit children remai Inshah Allah they will also go to hell-


  2. mohsenali

    January 6, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Irfan sahab, Bhutto whether you agree or not was one of the most popular leader of our country. Should I tell you that when she was killed with her many other people died.
    Death of their (muslims) leaders is Muslims issue. I am sorry for you that you consider Murder of a Muslim women (and many other people) Blessing of Allah.
    Murder of any human being should be sad and horrible event, that has no place in any Human Society.


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