Was Benazir not the actual target?

28 Dec

I dont know whether she died from the shrapnel/splinter, bullet or as our ministry says the lever of the sunroof.  What I know is that where her car stopped was not scheduled and her coming out of the car was also unscheduled/unplanned and result of the decision at that instance.

So what was shooter and suicider doing there? Why was he sent there? to kill Benazir in the bomb proof and bullet proof car? Were the planners so stupid that they were planning to kill Benazir but their whole plan was based on that ‘if/if she comes out?’.

Or their whole plan to kill ‘few common people’ and scare out people from the Pakistan People Party.

They caught Benazir unexpectedly? It was not in their plan? Now they have got much larger than they could handle?Definitely when you send some stupid-head to blow himself and kill hundreds of people around him, he will try to get the ‘bigger prize’ he  can get before going to next station.
Unfortunately that mad man got what was prized by many as Leader of Pakistan.


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