Writting off Pakistan!

28 Dec

I have been on many sites and many websites and many blogs. I was disappointed to read people writing with full confidence about Pakistan, much of which can be summarized in few sentences  i.e. Pakistan is finished, Pakistan is too dangerous to exist and every ones favorite Pakistan is factory of terrorism. With it was tag line that if we support the democracy thats what will be going to happen.
The American presidential elections added further factors. Most the messages except  Mike Huckabee every one else messages looked like they have already found who is responsible. Interestingly this the same tune of the Pakistani officials i.e. Terrorists and extremists are responsible of that. I think these people dont know what people of Pakistan are feeling, many of them feel that ‘someone else’ is responsible for that.

The people who are on the streets are not burning mosques, destroying the madrasas and beating people with beards; they are attacking the offices of the PML(Q) , burning the flags, banners and even sometime even the houses of the people considered to be allies of the Musharaf. If you see videos you see that people are raising slogans and chanting against Musharaf.

I must stress that in this time we dont know who is the killer and who is behind it, I have just tried above to show that how different is the view of the international community

Today we have got 4th main leaders killed starting from Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq and now Benazir. We survived everyone of it.

Yes its a sad day but believe me we will survive it, in fact I feel its the moment we can transit to more prestigious position, by asking for the resignation of the Musharaf, holding the elections. People on the streets is what was not there before, now people will be more willing to come outside, it will be difficult for the leaders to make deal with the establishment.

But for this Pakistan require America not to mess with Pakistan’s internal matters for their own benefit, let people decide. Accept the verdict of the people.


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