Death and Writer “The Quote I read”

15 Apr

I was reading something on CNN and these comments had a great effect on me.

Both resonated with my thoughts about whatever you do; no matter how much popular you are; after death you are gone. You can not enjoy that fame, that wealth. But also this does not mean you should not do something worth remembering

“Every person hopes to be remembered after death. To artists, it’s a fantasy … a transcendence of death,” he says. “But now it seems like vanity.” Shakespeare, he observes, may live on in his plays, but almost 400 years after his passing, he remains dead, buried — and unaware of his fame.

But Vigderman, though expressing concern about the “appeal to prurience” innate in a pop memoir, has a kinder view. After all, she says, a curiosity about our fellow human beings is as old as mankind itself.

She quotes another writer gone since the 17th century, the Japanese poet Basho, to stress her point.

“It is deep autumn,” Basho wrote. “My neighbor/How does he live, I wonder.”

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