What Makes America? people that care

30 Apr

Right now on my Tv there is a news regarding an American Soldier Captain Faylor who has created a Website to help Iraqi Interpreters for American Army to get refuge in America. Only 5000 refuges have been taken in by the American administration. And according the James Foly they have 12000 new refuges to America which is nothing as compared to Sweden. In Sweden there are almost 9000 refugees already which is almost twice which are in the America.

Regardless of fact that American occupation to the Iraq was grave ….. and it will take many years before its effect could be rectified; this blog is not about that .
This blog is about the fact that an American Soldier took it to himself to protect the people he think matters and he is making difference.
These interpreters in Iraq were in grave danger and having them protected America is building a relationship there that will remain long after Americans have left the Iraqi soil. These people protected will send the message that American’s can be friends and they can care.

America is a great country not because of its Administration because of its people. That’s what makes America, people who care and make difference.

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Posted by on April 30, 2008 in America, What Makes America


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