Back to Land-of-Pure Pakistan (first report)

14 May

After 28 hours of the travel time I am back in Pakistan. It was long long (in terms of time) travel.But it was good.

and right from the day I set my feet on this Land of Pure, I have been busy in planning construction of the first floor of my house. So was not able to post any news. following is brief of what I felt and saw here.

1) jet lag is reality, dont be hero, scum to it.

2) Be ready to explain people that why have you not changed,
3) Does any one also feel that Dubai-Airport is more of the Shopping mall than the airport; I felt its stupidly extravagant without much profit to the passenger.

PTCL and Internet

  • For 3 days I have been trying to access internet through modem, but phone-lines in my area are in such good health that I have not been able to do that
  • However news is PTCL has started its on internet.
  • More shocking news is that their Help Line is really good and helpful.
  • In posh areas the intenet cable is quite successfully working and people also use the wi-fi in their houses.


  • Electricity goes out 3 or 4 times every day and each time its at-least one hour, on 12 may it went for about 5 hours straight.
  • Plus side is that people have come out with the solution, the UPS business is really in. They are are good for 3,4 hours and support fan and lights. Therefore this electricity-outage is giving parallel jobs for the electricians that setup the wiring so that AC and other heavy items are not on the UPS
  • People are predicting that this Electricity outage will continue for atleast 3 years (do not know how true is this rumor)


  • People are more concerned with the 3 things; Electricity, Rising Petrol (its Rs.70) and unstable economy. It looks like after giving their votes they are leaving the job for Politician, MY take: wrong move, keep yourself interested people!
  • People do not believe both the NS and Zardari
  • But seeing all the mess people are quite angry on previous governments.
  • (Please I away from TV and internet for 3 days, my news is only people around me, Mistri, Mazdoor, Lohar, Thekeadar, my muhaladars and relatives  )


  • Food is great, I mean who hates mother’s cooking skills ?
  • The food options have increased in Lahore, Gourmey is killing every other local bakery shop. Why good things become monstrous?
  • Pepsi, sprite etc.. suck as usual here
  • Our milk-man is still helping the neighborhood keep their weights by providing them SKIM MILK, or water like milk. Although its much better than previous one.
  • You can disturb people if you call 3rd grade food to McDonald, KFC and their local replica’s.(I tried McDonald at Dubai airport also and confirmed that they are really bad exchange for money.)

Ok just now Electricity has gone and I have to wrap up

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