James Bond Novel Coming Again

27 May

Devil May Care is new novel of James Bond. It would be interesting to see how much it gets close to the Ian Fleeming.  On one hand I wish his novel is success, in this way there would more work on James Bond rather than just screen plays. But on other side I fear that his success will open doors for attempts on other characters. Or even worse he will change the character to something stranger to me.

People who have just seen Bond Films cant understand how powerfull the writting of Ian Fleeming is. In all films only the last film was made close to the book. Infact after reading the books it really seems difficult how such thing can be converted to the movie. It has little details e.g. in one novel he explains why James Bond prefers heavy Handle Raiser. How can one cover this in films?

Explanations of psychology, explanations that rather than put you at ease further creats tension like in one novel James Bond plays papper rock game with the Japnese Agent, author tells how everything is relaxing exteriorly but tense internaly. How his little interactions play important role in future plans.

Anyhow books are always considered to be far better than the films made on them. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is clear example.  But writing what is trade mark of other author is quite a challenge.

In Pakistan Ibn-e-Safi has credit for creating Imran-Series, its similar to James Bond character. After his death several people started writing it, but many people who have read Ibn-e-Safi are quite disappointed by the new writers.

I hope that is not the case, I hope Devil May Care gives James Bond a new life, James Bond that is not stranger to me. James Bond who can still say “Bitch is Dead” when his girl friend commits sucide.

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