I fear those celebrating Musharaf’s resignation

19 Aug

I clearly remember the day when Musharaf over threw an elected government. TV was telling that people are shouting Pakistan Army Zindabad in Islamabad, but it took me two days to belive that people could be so stupid. How can one cheer loss of his own rights?

Today when I see those celebrating his departure, I find many who became pro-democracy only recently. And I feel sorry for them, these people supported a dicatator just because his views were more allinged to their thinkings. These pathetics are equivalent to pathetic maulvies who supported Zia (yes these new pathetics look more attractive than maulvees)

These two groups I fear most because I know one of the group will be again celebrating when an-other coup will happen, which group it will be depends upon whether dictator fools with whisky or with zamzam.

How easily our principles get locked when we have person supporting our cause in power?

Just because he is religious his dictatorship becomes legitimized ? or just because he is modern in his thinking he must be supported democracy can wait?.

I fear these oppertunists and those stupids who are doing nothing but cheerleading.


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