Ignorance; an old email reply

19 Aug

This is an old email cum blog I wrote but never published. Today when Musharaf has resinged I still find it relevant.


Today I got time to browse over all the emails and reply the necessary ones.
Im.. while reading all the emails that have high class discussion of what is wrong with Pakistan and who is wrong in Pakistan; I was little bit surprised.
Because in Pakistan the worst problem is no-problem.
People around me (now days which are laborers, thekedar, raj, mazdoor, etc…. ) are worried but not disturbed by what is happening in Pakistan. And you can include me in the list.
My major concern of the day when I get up is; when light will go off, what is price of cement, etc….

I think when I was in America, I was more updated about what is going around in Pakistan than I am know.
Take Care
Allah Hafiz
Mohsen Ali

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Posted by on August 19, 2008 in Pakistan, People, Politics


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