Zardari: head of state; solution of our problems

27 Aug

Regarding Zardari’s statement regarding the agreement with Nawaz shows how amazing this person is. See how many people have guts to say that agreements are not Quran and Hidath.

Today I went to Hafeez Center and I found people worried that this person would be our president. I had feeling that thief will not steal when all eyes are on him, but this person’s current statements and maneuvers are saying he can do anything anytime

Just one problem if he thinks that written agreements are not respectable enough to be followed, then what will be his standing during the official Govt. dealings. Hypothetically if he signs one document with India regarding Kashmir and comes home he can repeats his arguments “agreements are not Quran and Hidath” to calm down people of Pakistan. Isnt he amazing?

Even I think there will not be any talks with India because does not want to involve third party and talking directly with Pakistan will mean doing agreements with Zardari, but you know he believe in following agreements till they are suitable to him.

Leave India aside, will any other country take his words seriously? This means they will always have to have some carrot (or stick) while dealing with future Head of State of Pakistan. But then for past 8 years Paksitan’s top officials have got habit of that. So sir g, accept this person as your President and enjoy.

After few months there might be profitable business of betting regarding which agreement will be declared unfulfillable because it is not Quran and Hidath.

Even if nothing happens people will have activity to pass their time.

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