returned from Pakistan

09 Sep

After suffering 4months of visa renewal delays I have returned from Pakistan yesterday.

How is Pakistan? first question everyone asks.

Pakistan is fine, just take electricity shortage, recent American incursion, Rs.86+ per litter petrol, war situation in upper part of country, shortage of wheat etc.. out of equation. Pakistani people are famous for short memory unfortunately they might be nowadays diagnosed with helplessness, ignorance and no-care.

If you do not live in Fata, you are not standing in the line for wheat, your machine is not silenced by regular electricity outage after every few hours, you feel everything is Ok.

If your family has not been killed by American incursion, if your sister has not been buried alive by your parents, if your area has not been flooded, someone you knew has not blown up in pieces by stupid suicide  bomber, then only issue you have is long Ramazan.

Because people have decided to live with what ever we have in hand. That’s our survival trick and we will survive, Insha Allah

Back to US return…..

I endured Dubai Airport for 5 hours. Their Marhaba service is clear example of inefficient, untrained front desk. And their airport is example of un-planned place regarding to traveler’s care. It is such a huge airport but has extremely small seating space for waiting passengers. You find large number of people seating on the floor. Why cant they provide a proper lounge for people to sit near one blocks of gates?

This time however I was not lucky enough to get “random” extra security check.


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