they told her; She Never Had the Son

03 Oct

And he recalls meeting a woman who told him how she went to the police in the immediate aftermath of the shootings to try to get news of her missing son.Officers told her to go away and not annoy them.

“She hadn’t got a son and never had, they told her. There was no proof of his existence. That story I will remember all my life,” says Mr Trevor. Robert Trevor on Tlatelolco (Mexico) killings , 2nd Oct.

Reading this story reminded me of many things, fiction works like 1984 by George Orwell, film The Net, stories about the rule of Nazis, Iran before and after revolution,  It made me think about the plight of people in Sudan. It reminded me stories of conditions under the rule of Lenin and Stalin.  Horrors of Bosnian war.

And it made me remember missing people in Pakistan.  It reminded me of people killed in Karachi during the Justice Movement. It reminded me of people listed missing in Kashmir.

People wiped from the face of earth and leaving nothing but few portions in the news papers.

It reminded me that we are nothing but some words and lines on documents. We; who always think about such others as “collateral damages” sometime justified by religion and sometime by political-ambition, it reminded me that have not learned from history.

But what made me shiver was that this was not happening in a war-zone, it was not in the mountains of Frontier, it was not desert of Darfur neither was it inside the area controlled by Surbs…

It happened just 10 days before Olypims were being held in Mexico.


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