Obama Wins; God Bless America

05 Nov

Today the history has been made.

Obama has won. And it’s not just because he is First Black president.

I do not know how he will run country, or more correctly how he will run the world.

Whether he will further make mess of the country or not, it does not decrease shine of this moment.

This moment is important. Important to reinforce their belief that they can do the things appearing impossible.

Today they have elected a new president.

The person who is black. The person who is inter-racial. The person who has not a family in politics.

The person whose first national stand was just 4 years ago.

This moment defines What America  is.

It is land of oppertunity.

After hundreds of years of slavery there is a Black person sitting on one of the most powerful seat in the world.

God bless America I must say.

And I am saying it with all the fears in my heart that this president might end up sending troops in Pakistan.

That would be a mess I am sure.  But I am saying because I have today winessed What truly how any society should work. It should allow anyone to rise from below to above.

The change itself is at long distance from here. But from saggregation about 70 years ago to tonight is a short distance in the life of the nation.


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