Pirates Are Back! New wave of Sea Piracy

19 Nov

What Pirates? Sea Pirates and they are not in the films. they dont have Jack Straw. And yes they are not from Carribean.

One thing more, somewhere in between becoming a pirate they ditched the sowrds. They have rocket launchers and hand gernades. And they are from Africa. Now they have petrol!  Saudi petrol. Just a day ago they hijacked a large oil carrying vessel. For Area Map and Incidents

I think they will demand the ransom, will get it and then let the route pass. {Saudi’s might want to hatch a yearly deal. 20 ships for this amount and as a perk they can stop Iranian ships for free. No trouble from International forces. Indirect Sanctions 🙂  easy and without fuss                }

Interesting thing is the development of Somalia’s economy around it.

What comes to my mind is. How these people survive. Any person with enough stupidity might Hijack the vessel in the open sea. But from there where will he (or she?) go.

Question is not getting in question is how to get out.

They get the ransom, most probably not in cash. They are living somewhere, hopefully on the land.

American Navy is saying that they dont have huge presence in the area to avoid every attack. I find such statement quite far fetched. YOu dont need to defend each ship because it’s huge sea,

To cut them out you have to cut their root i.e. their sea-port.  When drone are flying Pakistan, when any satellite phone can lead to the attack. It would be easy to find these people.

No I am not saying of attacking them. I am talking about finding from where they operate and then sealing them off from there.  Because once they are in sea they can take over any ship, but they cant live in the sea forever.

Land is the key, or more restrictively coastal line is the key.

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