Being Trigger Happy Media; after Mumbai Terrorism

03 Dec

Sitting in America provides you one major benefit vs sitting in Pakistan, the high speed and easily available internet. You can view channels online of both sides involved in conflict. You can view the newspapers, read editorials, analyze what is going around. That’s what I did when even after one day I continued hearing that terrorists are still in Mumbai.

For me it is interesting how media handles the situation after the event takes place. Especially in case of terrorist activity when the news has already broken and they cant do much. I wrote criticism based blog on Pakistani media when bomb-blast hit the Benazir’s jalsa. This time I am writing about the Indian media.  Dont take this thing as defense of one thing or other. This is only criticism how the Indian media handled the situation.

The thing that always amazed me about the Indian Media is that they suddenly get lots of Intelligence information after the terrorist act. Within hours they know who the perpetrators were, what steps they took, who trained them, from where they came, etc…Most of the time it is Pakistan who is behind them, these are Pakistani cities in which they have been trained etc..

So it was not surprise that they started shooting all this information on the Tv. channels.

What also depressed me was how this information is foolishly being aired using phrases “Security/Intelligence agencies have told us”. I have two problem with it, such information is without any reference so  cant be accounted for. You might be able to get one or two news-breaks on basis of unnamed sources, you cannot build your whole story on it.

And then the news it self. So all the time they were being updated with information by the agencies interrogating the captured terrorist without any fear of how this information could be used by the terrorists. Media was freely telling that now Interrogators know the names of people, links, phone numbers etc..

And I always thought you keep interrogation information in hidden so that you can capture those that still have not caught. So for me this information appeared to be flimsy, propaganda based and at-the-least based on hearsay.

I can understand why this was happening because such big event has took place and news channels don’t have anything to fill in. You dont have any information, so you will just fish out the information and put it on the tv.

Unfortunately similar thing was picked up by some international media. The man captured became Pakistani person just because Indian media was saying it, without any proof openly given. I am again not saying he cant be Paksitani but you have not presented the proof and without proof whatever you say is just hearsay.

And this takes me to another problem, taking Information as Evidence.

Indian media has started taking Information as the Evidence. Even their govt. is saying “What ever information we have till now we have given to Pakistan” now they should act on it. Problem is Information is not Evidence. For example you saying that we have informed Pakistan that person we have arrested is definitely Pakistani, for God Sake it is not Evidence.

Now this comes to the problem of Circular Gossip.

The hearsay being telecasted on the Indian is being picked by International Media and which resonate back to Indian media. So everyone feels everyone is saying same thing.

In the end I would say it is easy to blame everything to others because it lets person believe that there is no problem with himself.  Sometime it is necessary to take a breath and wait for doctors to comeout with the actual diagnosis before announcing the cure

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