Vigil for Mumbai Terror Victims

04 Dec

I attended a vigil organized by the Inidan Gradauate Student Association. I went there to pray for the people died in that terror attack. Being Pakistani made me little uneasier there but I felt it was more important to be there with my Indian friends. 

It went all right till end where they invited people to say something. Few talked about the spreading love and not targeting certain group of people. But few also went on to say that revenge should be taken, someone also talked about going for the LET.

Their body language made me little uneasy, it felt that they have made up their mind that who is responsible for all that. I have no problem in going after the people who have done this terrorism. But for doing it the buden of proof rests on the party taking the revenge.  Unfortuantely it has not been done till now. 

But even then the even itself was nice. 

Leaving that I had only one question that do these people knew pain, when people of my country died. I think so they dont know, might be because our Pakistan Student Organization never arranged such thing.

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Posted by on December 4, 2008 in America, Pakistan


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