What is acceptable?

08 Jan

Lets not talk about what could solve the Middle East problem it is a too big to be fixed in days, right now the stress should be what could be done that makes this mess stop?

Right now both sides are presenting their demands. On the face value both sides demands look good and logical. Hamas is saying there should be end of blockade of Gaza and Israel wants end of the rocket fires plus a mechanism to stop summugling of the arms. So where is the problem, problem is in mechanism. or more correctly the non existence of Belief that other side will hold to their commitment.

Question is will Israel remove the blockade allowing Gazans to move in and out of Gaza and will it allow foreign observers to be on the ground for monitoring?. And will Hamas keep it’s hands from the weapon smuggling? or for how long will they be not able to keep their hands from smuggling when their people are suffering.

If Hamas wants good for their people they will have to keep away from the weapons, even when in times of grief when weapons become tempting. But in return Gazan’s should get freedom of movement and economic help. A freedom to trade and develop industry. Freedom for them to build their houses, schools, factories, build themselves.

Both sides need peace and they will only get peace if they give peace to each other. This time they need outsiders to moniter them.

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