Gators Win National Championship

10 Jan

Go Gators.

Yesterday Gaotrs Won the BSC Football National Championship.

This time I was at O Connell Center watching live telecast with all the Gator Nation. Clapping, Chomping, dancing and enjoying each moment. I enjoyed each moment of the game even when screens were not so visible.  Noticeable thing was that you can enjoy without being doing some stupid stuff.

After winning, the University Avenue was filled by the cheering fans. Hundreds of students were there, dancing, shouting or just being happy.

This my second time enjoying the victory at the University Ave. It was a awesome experience. With hundreds of people celebrating, without making fuss, without destroying property and without fighting with each other. Being just careful, even when many of them were drunk. There were 3 arrests as news channels told, but overall things were there to ejoy without fear of getting hurt.  They were Crowd not mob.

Unfortunately in Pakistan I have seen people celebrating quite stupidly. It might be also because of the non-existence of management and planning; but it has also to do with the maturity of the people also.

Go Gators.

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