Sufi-ism and Nicholas Schmidle

10 Jan

Nicholas Schmidle it seems that was looking for exotic experience than any real understanding of what Sufism is. It is inline with the mystic touch Western writers want to attach with the “real east” ; see east is something understandable, it magically unifies and yes I experienced it by dancing in the crowd where there were fumes of hashish. Reading it felt that he is trying to sell the travel experience as article on Sufi-ism.

For example where it might be right in many ways about describing experience at Mazars and Urs, it does not even talk about the negative effects of so called “pir” on our society. Mullah’s and pir’s might be against each other but neither has done anything for our better.

And it’s saddening to see that his knowledge about the “modern-day mullah” is what Mr. Rohail is saying. Who himself appears to be biased and cannot distinguish between how you look is totally different from what views you have on music. Saying that Junaid Jamshed is fundamentalist just because he does not consider music is allowed in Islam is quite disgusting.

Then there was Qalandar link in bhuttos. It was most funny part. Qalandars dont go announcing holidays for their relatives. They dont build big tombs for them. Nominating their son for the place, that’s what pirs do.  They dont go making pacts with the dictators and serving in their cabnets.

Where he might be correct about agencies he is just another foreign traveler looking for some east-magic.

Sufiism is not constrained by the music or dance, it is much more than that. It is way of life, it is way of thinking. Unfortunately it is easy for people to take just take music and dhamal because it helps them become what they are not, for few minutes. It’s helps lul our concious by saying look I enjoy that.

People want to swim in shallow water because it helps them enjoy swimming without threating their trueselves

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