Gourmetizing Lahore

12 Jan

In Lahore you can see one emerging color and it’s not green it’s  Orange . In every house you are likely to find shopping bag having Gourmet bakery sign on it, paper box or tin container having Gourmet’s methai in it. They have slowly over taken Lahore, becoming very common thing for Lahories. Just like Starbucks in any town of US, you can find Gourmet Bakery in every part of Lahore; Kent, Dharum-Pura, Gari-Shaho, Gulberg, Mughal Pura,……

You are going to visit someone and on the way you remember that you have forgotten to bring some thing for them. Dont worry just look up for Gourmet shop, it will be some where there in the area. And you can rely that their shops will be carrying good product.

It is clear example of Brand power.

They carry every thing cakes, methai, good milk, eggs, bread, and now even their Icecream and Sodas. Bread is fine, Eggs are not broken and not bad, milk is actully good.

Only problem that They have everything and everything is their own product.They dont carry products of other companies. No you cannot get Yummies, Walls or delicious Hico icecream there. You will have to suffice yourself to their icecream.

And yes Sodas also, now Pepsi, Coca Cola have their real competitor. Unlike all the previous attempts to launch competitive brands in the soda industry, Gourmet had already it’s brand name ready to support it. And it had one more advantageous thing. It had presence in every corner of Lahore. So their sodas were not dependent on other distributors. And they wiped our other company’s soda products from their shops.

Somehow it feels bad to see when one company or organization starts manoplising the Food industry. It is like monoplising the tastebuds of people.  Their products are good but I will really like to see other competitor or atleast their should carry other products also. Dont take away choice from people.

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