As Obama’s America starts taking first steps

23 Jan

Just watching BBC news and I was wondering finally America under Obama started waking upto  the new world.

Guantanamo Bay is set to go away in next year, overseas detention centers have been ordered to be closed and interrogation methods have been reduced to 19 given in the Army Manual (, CNN, BBC)

“We intend to win this fight,” Mr. Obama said, “We are going to win it on our own terms.”

Then he said one thing about the Middle East and atleast he talked about hope for the Palestines. Although it was not enough for what happened in Gaza it is far away from his previous statements.

One more; he has named envoys for Middle East and (Pakistan + Afghanistan)

In just two days he has taken major steps.  For the person everyone was expecting not to be ready, even by his supporters, he has  taken some big steps quite quickly.  Where I am happy for what he is doing and with the speed he is doing; I am worried that in hurry he might make mistakes in taking correct decision in correct way.

As BBC puts it he looks like President with Foreign Issues in Hurry.

I hope he keeps himself in hurry and continue doing the correct things in all the correct way.

I hope this improves America’s image, soften’s up other people towards America. And most importantly I hope no other stupid person tries to take advantage of breathing space that will be offered.

I wish Obama good luck, I wish good Luck to America.

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One response to “As Obama’s America starts taking first steps

  1. Valerie Curl

    January 23, 2009 at 3:03 am

    I’m with you 100%, my friend. The U.S. needs to be in a hurry to change all the detrimental policies of the Bush Admin.


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