Cast me in! Cast me out! it looks world never graduated high school

28 Jan

Wrote this long time ago; but didnot posted it. It looked that it required lot of work. Even now it is just draft under review.

On CNN there is news that a girl was pushed for being a low cast (dalit) and due to this pushing she fell into the fire.  The police has man in the custody.

Cast, how dangerous and how powerful it could be; not only in the far away village of India, but everywhere, in one form or other.Some how we feel good to classify ourselves into different groups one more greater than other. One more evil than ours and our more civilized than theirs.

We have used everything color, family root, locality, etc.. . and right now we are casting this world into Muslim vs Non-Muslim. I find so much similarity here in America and back home in this regard.

On both sides you find people saying that other side is “morally corrupt”, that other side is wants to take over the world, ……. Interestingly on both sides people themselves will treat you well, in Pakistan they will not even throw a leaf at the Non-Pakistani and in America; well you see many Pakistanis here. So you get point that people do not hate each other but somehow our words have fear of other.

We are herd of sheep that only like sheep of their color, some how we leave our brains out to do all that scientific thinking when we are dealing with the people

And we use everything we get our hands on, Color for example. Sometime I really have problem in thinking Why people thought that being White is much greater than black? In Africa they might be backward but in India these ‘blacks’ were richer than Europians and had more older civilization.

Although these ‘Indian Blacks’ had their own divisions; on public places there were Separate Water Hoses for Muslim and Hindu. Yup Religion, was litmus test of where will you sit on the table (if you were even allowed to sit on the table).

Family Root; But even within religion Hindus themselves have divided themselves into the casts, ranging from the God’s helpers to the lowest un-touchables, which by the way did everything for the upper-cast.

Muslims although not having such verse case (of untouchables) had (and still have ) their own ‘CASTS’ and one of the more “RESPECTED” ones are still considered to be “Syeds” (thought be the descendants from the family of Prophet Mohammed (S.W)), “Qurashi” the people from the tribe of Muhammad, then on the interior Sidh there are Makhdooms,

So we took a we used a unifying thing “religion” and used it divide the people, most disturbing is that even right now there are people who think that “Syeds” are more noble than others. There is whole orkut group and it has messeges that marrige of Syeds with non-syeds is not so good; especially if the female is Syed and male is non-syed it is not allowed. I was quite sad on reading all those messages, because most of them were from educated people.  Although there were some people who were messaging against this thought but they were extremely few.

The current casts that are appearing are of Thoughts; people are not the individuals that have their own ideas, they are either moderate or fundamentalist or conservative. They are either good or bad. If you are conservative you are joker in the group of moderates, if you are moderate you non-sense person in the conservative media.

Cat me in! Cast me out! it looks world never graduated high school.


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