Eglishized Arabic; America a melting pot

13 Feb

Today I read Namaz behind an Imam whose Qirat could be describe as Eglishized Arabic. It was quite nice experience.  I have never heard anyone recite in that way. Words were being pronounced correctly sounding slightly in different tone.

His ceremon was quite interesting. He criticized people who say that US is Kafar country;  he described it as a melting pot, where different people come and become one. A country where everyone is free to pursue their dreams, follow their faith.

He was quite true in it. Where laws cannot remove the biases people carry in their mind, they force people not to use them.  You can still find those biases present, perhaps unconsciously visible. If you see Turlington Plaza in UF from above you can find how it is devided in black and white, not by some lines but by some unconscious behavior.  But here you will not find any person being disallowed opportunity due to his/her color, religion or race.

This multi-cultural face of America has allowed me to meet many different types of people, even of my own faith. I read namaz behind African American, Arab American, White American, Desi American, etc… . Each having different style of Qirat, different style of praying.

And I thought in which country you will find so many different types of people. Some time I feel Muslims are more free here than their own country.

Freedom: That’s What Makes America.


One response to “Eglishized Arabic; America a melting pot

  1. Muslims

    February 14, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Muslims ARE more free here than in their own countries. Duh!


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