Not for Allah’s sake

14 Feb

{I wrote this blog while I was in Pakistan previous summer. }

In my last two months I met many, some friends, old relatives and many others. There are few I met that I feel I should meet again, unfortunately plenty of them are stranger.

One of them was Taxi driver I met in Islamabad. During a red light stop he gave Rs.5 coin to a boy beggar. My point of view is not to give beggars any  money instead donate it to some organization working in slumps and I relayed my views to him.

That simple man told me that

he has not given money for Allah’s sake,

he has given because his heart said to give this very small boy some thing.

It took me few moments to digest what he has said.

He continued  that he give Zakat (necessary sum of money to be given to poor by the Muslim) and Sadqat for himself, his family and his car also, but this was not sadqa it was not anything related to that. It was just for that person

Late Ashfaq Ahmed used to say that people ask me where are Babas (word used for the people who are believed to be spiritual ) and I (Ashfaq Ahmad) do not understand how to tell them that I have found babas to be simple men like selling the Sugarcane Juice.

I do not know whether that Taxi driver was Baba or not. But his words taught me very important message that some time you should to do things for others because your heart says.

Ek Nukteay wich gal Mukdea hea

Many times I have read about Niyat like you do something thinking about the benefit that you might get from Allah and I have thought why? Why should I have make Niyat of doing it for Allah? Should not be it part of myself do things right, to do things correct.

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