Lahore Attack; Start of Another Media War

03 Mar

Another bad news,
There has been firing on the Srilankan Cricket team. Some of their players have been injured and 7 police officers have died. According to Governor Punjab these people were appearing to be highly trained. And hinted their link with Mumbai Attack. Qasim Zia was more restraint in pointing out the fingers.
Question is what problem anyone has with Srilankan team?Taliban should not have any problem to them. They are not involved in any combat except against Tamils. So it will be difficult to through put blame in them. What is clear is that this will effect the Pakistan in long way.

Indian media has already gone on offensive. IBN CNN was asking the Sanath Jaysuria that do they regret going to Pakistan. Jaysuria gave a reply that they never had any trouble in Pakistan and that’s why they went to Pakistan. Right now when it is not clear what is condition of the injured players and IBN-CNN anchor was asking him if anyone international team will be willing to go to Pakistan after this.  He calmly replied it is too soon for that and they are not more concerned for their players.  {above is not exact quotes but paraphrased ones.}

Before that  one of their reporter was remarking that the Cricket World Cup’s current system (in which some of the matches would have been played in Pakistan) will be in question. Then their former foreign affairs officer came on air and said that this in the indication of the Pakistan going down.  Where the question is not even solved whether these are Taliban or not? On question how can he link to what is going around in Swat, he said that this conclusion (regarding Taliban link) is inevitable.  He continued to score diplomatic points by criticising policy of negotiation by Pakistan and Obama.

I really wish Indian Media will keep it’s fire throwing capabilities on restraint and Pakistan Media will be mature than their Indian counter parts. Hameed Gul has said on Tv that Indian Agencies might be behind this attack. I can assure you many people will believe it and many on Media will be forced to take this stance not because they dont have suspecion of it but because public pressure will be on them. It will be difficult to defend that why we should not point finger to India when they easily go on thrashing us without even single evidence.

Our media showed great restraint while Indian Tv Channels where presenting their views in horsed voices and demanding our foreign minister to let India do hot persuit.  They should show more restraint now. But this does not mean that they should keep their mum when evidence will point finger. Because it appears most of time our government is naive enough to not to go for the diplomatic offfencive when they have clear ground, they try to achieve their local goals and meet local agendas.

We should not forget the Police Loss, they have lost their 6 members. The question is not only who attacked question also should be what was lapse in security.


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2 responses to “Lahore Attack; Start of Another Media War

  1. mayya

    March 3, 2009 at 6:41 am

    I wish people wouldn’t use the generic term “Pakistan” when they point fingers. Just the way its done for Iran. The people, the government, and terror groups are so different and disconnected and non-agreeing with each other. My husband was caught between this firing incident, has me shaken so far away. Was searching news and blogs and landed here

    • mohsenali

      March 3, 2009 at 6:47 am

      Mayya I hope your husband is fine. I am from Lahore myself and have motor biked so many times near and around Qazafi.
      To me hearing news that cricketers were attacked in Lahore was quite shocking. Because I remember India came to Pakistan and not a stone was thrown. And these Sirilankans, I mean they came when no one was willing to come to Pakistan.


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