Section 144, Should Politics be stopped by fear of terrorism

10 Mar

There comes section 144, again in the context of best interest of Pakistan.  Govt. is saying that they cant allow long march because of the fear of the terrorism. Well they are right, there should not be any such political activity when there is fear of terrorism.

But I remember the day Benazir returned to Pakistan she was told to reduce her activity, not go for the big rally and she did not listened. Then PPP put blame on the government. Then again it was advised by that times govt. to reduce the public exposure because there is threat on her life but she did not.  Lot of my friends were of view that she has every right to hold the political rally, that’s how the elections are fought, that’s how the politics works; you go and talk to people, you go and meet people, show your public muscle.

I then thought they were wrong, I now also think govt. has right to stop such public activities if there is clear danger of terrorism. But question is are they imposing the Section 144 with positive intent? Will imposing Sect. 144 save the Pakistan from terrorism?

It does not look that this govt. has any more positive intent than that of the previous govt., which by the was zero.But leaders of the political rallies should think and be responsible for the life and safety of their participants.Routs, security guards should be marked. There should be clear emergency plan. We dont want anything that happened in two of the Benazir’s rallies.

But unfortunately Govt. going for kill by starting the arrests, blocking the paths does not allow any room where both can work out details of the program.

Unfortunately the elements of state that should work to protect the people become too busy protecting government that they forget to protect state.


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