16th March; day to remember

17 Mar

I do not want to write about this moment because it is full of success, it is full of message; and because it is still not away from shadow.

What can you write about this day? This day is for nothing; yes among all the noise and hu-ha this day is for none of them.That’s why I dont want to write about it.  When army overtakes the city every officer starts plundering the success, humming stories of bravery of people in his command, victory came because of my men, he will say.But I dont want to write about officers that stood victorious on that day. Because that day is not for them, that stands for something more important than rugged egos and rebuffed ethos.

I dont want to write anything about this day because  CJ is not my hero, he is not what I want for my savior. But This day is not about Chief Justice this is about justice.

I have zero expectations from Choudary Iftikhar, but I have full right to expect justice from Chief Justice of Pakistan. This day says keep your fingers away from chief justice.

This day is not about Politics, this is not about PPP, PLM (N); but this day shouts in the faces of politicians.

It showed that simply winning elections dont give right to rule. You can not assume to be given full authority just because you have won the election. Today was the day when people spoke and said you have to talk about what we are talking about.

Being cynical as always I still see many hurdles and un-cleaned business, ambushes and traitors every where.

I dont want to say anything, I want to hear stories of people who were there in the streets of Lahore, who were there on the roads towards Islamabad.

It is day of Hope. It is day of victory.

But no one has any right of claiming to be victory leader; if story of GPO 150 is true then no one except lawyers and civil-society deserves the right to claim victory.

What ever this day is, it is  Day To Be Remembered.


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