Should Man have his say in abortion?

04 Apr

Can Man force woman to have the abortion? Or can man stop woman from having abortion?

Increasingly in this world sexual lives are becoming free from the boundaries of religion and are not being governed by the rules of the marriage. Except in the Religious world (mostly Muslim) the concepts of Family are changing are being redefined.  They are married is being replaced with they are living as Partners. Man and Wife is no more the only pair, Man and Man, Wife and Wife are also on the rise. Whether such things are good or bad? this blog-entry is not discussing that.

In the world where religion and culture are not the sole decision makers,  questions that would not have even risen previously require more thorough thoughts.

Question is if both parties have not explicitly decided about having child together and female gets pregnant, is it only her choice if she wants to or dont wants to have children? It does not matter whether both man and woman are married or not. Situation could arrise in the Husband and Wife also. Should legally wife has the say on whether they can keep or not keep child?

What if she wants to have children and male dont wants to? Can she legally force him to provide Family Support? But then this is not about the money only. Can she force him to become dad?
The emotional attachment a parent should feel with his/her child should not be held hostage by the decision of one parent.

And what if the e.g. female wants abortion and male does not wants to due to social, cultural, emotional or religious point of views? Legally his views dont matter,  I know that.

Should it not be other way also?


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