Respect me!

04 May

Today I recieved an email on one of University Email groups in Pakistan. The emailer sent a attached email about the FatwWorking of Women Fatwaa regarding the working of the women; “Aurton Ki Mulazmat” it said. Yes that Fatwa was allowing them to work but only when there is no one to feed them. In just 4 to 5 lines it took away a right of women to work unless if she has no “MAN” to take care of her (what a horrible woman that be!).

It gave no explanation, no refrences to Quran, no citations of Hidats; no nothing; few words and puff the freedom of the woman’s intellect to be more than than maid is gone.

Even the people who are hanged are given more than that, people incarnated for less than a week are told why their freedoms are being taken away. But no! that fatwa from Jamia Binoria did not did that, because it will be giving respect to the reader, the listener. Because then the banished-ones will be able to challenge it, then ‘it’ can give the counter arguments, ‘it’ can point out the weakness in the arguments.  Oh, how could it give you such a respect, how can you think more than what you are told.

I might not be scholar, but I can take that to other Lawyer to challenge your line of arguments.

But this will weaken the Mufti, it will open him to be questioned, it will open judge to be judged. It is the Mufti (the one who gives Fatwa) that is hiding not Islam, it is Mufti that is using and trying to deface Islam.

So Mr. Mufti (Mr. Abdul Aziz ), repect me just enough to be regarded as accused who has right to know under what law he will be thrown in the jail.

Respect me just enough for being a living being, if not a human being.

Tell me what will you do with the women who worked in the life of Hazrat Muhammad? like Hazrat Halima,

What will you do to many of them women who work in Farms with their husbands, fathers  and brothers, because you are saying they can only work if there is no one to feed them.

And yes tell me what shall I tell a woman of family crying in pain to do because due to this fatwa there will not be Lady Doctors.

Yes atleast I will not have to worry about educating my daughter more than house-schooling because there will be no women teachers.

Oh right! I dont have any right to ask question, what a waste of your time.


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