Creating a Criminal

27 May

“Lock a guy down for 22 hours a day,” he said, “and you are creating a criminal.”

This story is worth reading and pondering.  It is about the American Soldier who tried to help a local get a lawyer, this soldier is currently under investigation.

Again this story has the duel message, the goodness in the human, how one person’s effort can make a difference and about the inertia of the system that fails to correct itself. I have many times talked about the American’s coming out and saying spade is spade, e.g. the Lawyer for Guantanamo  detainee who went to Supreme Court, many people who voted against the use of torture, many who came out against the Gaza War.

It is the culture and concept that they are free to say and do what they think is right that keeps this country a most desirable country for immigrants. One of American Egyptian I know, was protesting against Gaza War in America said that back in Egypt he will be arrested for simply holding these posters.

Yes there are many things that still push people to not to speak truth one of them is fear of being prosecuted when you are doing right thing.

I many time find the


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