Plagiarism Again! and now Dr. AQ Khan

28 Aug

And when everything was going nuts (sorry I have not seen the Famous former Army personnels coming on GEO TV and correcting and denying the correction and doing the counter correction) , Mr. Fahad Rafique Dogar found chunks of copied stuff in Dr. AQ Khan’s article (

Well I think many Pakistani’s will be butt of jokes for sometime now (we were, believe me when in previous some plagiarism casses Pakistani Universities and Professors were named).

It will be interesting to know how Fahad Rafique Dogar (can someone correct if this one is actually this one caught it,  did he just got suspecious after reading it or was he casually googling portions of Dr. AQ Khan’s article.  Well infact if you google portions of Dr. Khan’s articles you will find some original sources among all those blogs quoting (i.e. copy pasting ) Mr. Dogar’s article. But why will you be googling portions of someones article published in news-paper (not in some research journal), which also is not about so interesting but is mundane lazy story about computers. I just want to know that trick of smelling off the plagiarism.  But here the big question is not how Mr. Dogar got suspicious but WHY Dr. Khan got into this mess.

Why! Dr. Sahab Why!, I mean it is not even intelligent copying, computer changed to computing?

I read Dr. Khan’s article ( only after someone emailed me Mr. Dogar’s post. I don’t know why Dr. Khan will even write such an article . If you want to write the article write about something which is not your main field, why not make it more than just definitions and history lesson. The article looks like someone wrote sitting in 1990’s.  The quesion in today’s world is not about  Computer Science, it has already become part of life.

I know in parts of Pakistan there might be someone who have never touched computer (believe me when I went for first degree course in Computer Science at Punjab Univeristy, there were many among us who have never worked on computer and they are one of the sharpest mind in the class, after first few weeks they just mastered computers). But if you write something for them write something interesting, write in that way that makes it relevant to now. Something if they read they can talk about. Dont fill your article by terms. Write why it is necessary? Give examples from the todays life, todays Pakistan.

The article is so unrelated from today and written in booring style that I have to force my self to read it and suffer this horrible ordeal while fasting.

And Finaly WHY AGAIN? Dr. Khan Pakistan deserves a clarification, this time again. There is no Musharaff now. It could be that someone collected data and you published it, but then he should have been your co-author, not just reference in the article.

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