National Attitude of “Miti Pao G”?

01 Sep

PML-N gave the PPP 48 to stop ‘malicious campaign’ is the headline of the DAWN news (–szh-07)

What PML-N is calling a ‘malicious campaign’ is airing of fresh acquisitions regarding the Karachi Operation and who took what during the formation of the IJI.  They are asking people not to come and say what they think is true. Instead of responding the alligations with the facts they just want to dust it under the carpet.

We as a nation shy away from History. “Miti Pao G” style is the best technique we have found to avoid escalation of the conflict.  It does avoid the conflicts but  facts are never found, issues are never resolved and myths are developed around it; plus it allows people to re-surface them when time suits.  That’s what we are doing here, we are avoiding not resolving issues.

Why don’t they ask the Govt. to release the documents? It is not the issue of one party against other, it is issue of one Govt. Agency taking matters in their hand and politicians playing in their hand. This is issue of many people who have suffered voilence over the years in Karachi.

In all this our media has and will play vital role. Till now they have been keeping bygones be bygones, it is their duty to not to let this be our national chracter in future.

Our history is full of turns and suspecious acts requiring detailed discussion and investigation. For example  10 years have passed from the Musharaf’s overtake there has been no detailed documentary. No one is investigated the timeline and claims of either party.

More than enough time has passed when about 30 people were killed on day Cheif Justice was going to address in the Karachi. No one has arranged discussion, reviewed the footage, talked to the suspects, interviewed the victims.

Why?  might be afraid from reprisal. But who is not?

Till now our Columns are filled with the That-Minister, That-General, That-time; even the most popular columists rely on the prefaces, stories extracted from history, exagerated and un-colabrated truths, camouflaged in the sufi-ism. These are examples of lazy jounalism.

It is time that they stop having daramatic talk shows and start doing investigative reporting.

Many will say what difference will it make, will any one will be proscecuted? I think no, no one will be proscecuted.

This is not get any one to jail, but trying to get the facts straight. Such programs will make it difficult for the Govt., politicians and agencies to cover up the truths. Most importantly it will be vital to destroy the Conspiracy Theorists livelihood and popularity.

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