To My Indian Friends

01 Sep

From the day Jaswant Singh’s “book about Jinnah” issue splashed the media, I have been bombarded by the news, articles and analysis; linked and emailed to me by friends, posted on their facebook and presented during dicussions.

During all this; Jinnah, Jaswant Singh,  India, Indian people, Indian politician, one thing was missing, which I figured out today, My Indian Friends. There was no input from Indian people I know directly, I didnot knew what they wanted?

Why? I asked my self.

Seeing Pakistan defaced every day, misanalysed every new hour; not only by the Non-Pakistani experts but also by the Pakistani experts why I take words published in the Nytimes, BBC and many Pakistani news papers.

Why I am not talking to Indian Class and Lab Fellows I have, about this?  In all this time where I have been friend to many Indians some of whom I can count as very good friends (I tell you I am not so friendly person so few I have means they are good enough to tolerate me).

Why we never had the discussions on any serious topic that actully exist b/w us.

Today when I have so many versions of what Indians want, why I cannot ask an Indian what you want?

From the topics that are thorn in our throuts  (What you think about Kashmir, Why dont they get to choose with whom they want to live? What you think about Pakistan’s Independence, why majorly in Indian films Muslims are terrorists? Why you think Pakistanis will want to blowup Taj Mahal hotel? Why there are still voices in India for Greater India? Where is water going?) to light subjects (like how is social culture changing? Can today people from different religion marry? What books are famous? Why BJP wins? Water issue? ) There are so many things we can talk about, know about talking Face to Face. Knowing how other feels. What other thinks, without going over the load of hatterd crap sent in our news media. But why we don’t

I know because I don’t want to destroy the friendship, but what is friendship if we don’t understand each other.

How will we discuss tomorrow if we are afraid to discuss today?

Today I want to ask them One Question? What do you think about the Jaswant Singh’s book?

What do you feel has Jinnah been honestly presented to India? Because I know Gandhi not have been but there is still great respect for many views of Gandhi in Pakistan.

But my real test will not be when I am posting this online but when I will send this email to my friends here. Frankly this is not even for people who can sit on the laptop and reply, it more like self-asked question that Why I am shying away from Discussing it with Live people when I have oppertunity.

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