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03 Sep

Among all the articles written in Pakistan media after the Jaswant Singh’s Book regarding Pakistan, one can rate “The partition game”
By Sayeed Hasan Khan & Kurt Jacobsen, on the top.
Instead of galloping into the mine field of what Indian population want and don’t want, it discusses what Jaswant Singh’s book might have effect.

By sowing doubts among Muslim voters in India, Singh undermines the legacy of Nehru and Patel, on one side, and also repudiates the extreme BJP rightwing, which is going nowhere anyway.

And What his intentions could be like forming a new party or trying to attract Muslims away from  Congress.

But main portion of the article consists of refrences of  many books written across the border discussing Jinnah vs Gandhi, Patel and Nehru.  Their article makes point that it is not only Jaswant Singh that has such positive view but many other also before him have published their  same view.

They rightly criticize the Official version of the history in Pakistan by saying

Indeed, the official fairytale, as displayed in a government documentary made soon after independence, asserts Pakistan was conceived when Mohammed bin Qasim touched the shores of Sindh in the eighth century.

Infact I remember reading in the school books that base of Pakistan was laid when first Muslim arrived in Sub continent. They forget to mention that there are many Muslims in India still (although many times targeted for their religion, but still are living there). They forget that Pakistan might be created in the name of religion, but it was created not for all the Muslims of India. It was created for the community living in majority in those areas, which feared that their rights will not be given to them by the other community (and their fears were materialized during the Congress Ministries)

But what I do have criticism for them when they say

They don’t seem to appreciate that Singh also castigates the ideologues of the sort who assert that Iqbal dreamt of Pakistan and that Jinnah, as a matter of pure fate, achieved it.

My point is why all these people try to convince us that if somehow making peace with Jinnah would have avoided Pakistan. I differ here, I think even if Jinnah and PML’s top body had agreed to abondon idea of Pakistan, it would have been difficult to avoid it. It would have been created, either as semi-autonomus body or fully-independent one, what it is right now. What ever would have been name, it would have had it’s separate identity.

Nations with such vast difference require some solidifying figures and moments. We lost our unifying moments, I think at the start of the 20th century.  And with Jinnah and Gandhi both totaly different personalities we would have never had unifying figure.

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