Cowasjee’s background noise

06 Sep

No I don’t like this person’s ideas very much. Most of the time when he is on Tv. he says the things in the way that just irritates you, makes more darama and less sense.

But for some time this person has been trying to wake us out for the things we are loosing, things which lost will never be re-created. One of the most preciuos thing The LAND, especially the LAND for the public use. Gardens, Parks and other belonging to us and our next generation, that we are submitting to be snatched away from us. In the end we will have just the concrete structures, no places to sit and meet, no place for the children to play, no where for birds to sing and no grass under the tree to sit while you think how to sort out life’s mess. My children will never have smuggle cricket kit inside the garden to play untill mali comes, because there will be no gardens.

Problem with people Cowasjee is that they are stubborn, they keep shouting to us boozed out citizens. Boozed in our own lives, in one-self. To us voices of people like him sound like some background noise. We hear to it get irritated with it and never give it any thought.  And then one day when it hits us we feel like deja vu, like we have always knew it was coming, we knew it because some one was shouting watchout, you are running towards the truck.

His new article in dawn titles People must protest

I think Karachi is lucky to have someone like him protesting for them.

Lahore needs someone for them. In just few months we will going to loose all the trees that grow around the Lahore Canal and we have not seen any protest. It is vain of Lahore, the only road which actually feels beautifull. I read an advertisement by the govt. regarding that claiming that they will replace the tress cut in the process by many more. I thought it will take years for them to grow, if they are sincere why cannot strat growing them know somwhere.

The main gate of Lahore Zoo is already been taken away from the Public, now you don’t enter zoo from the Mall but you have to sneak in from the other side. The main gait has been given to the someone’s sectariat.

In all Lahore there are no Swimming pools for the children or for the young, they go and jump in the canal or have their fun in the Sozo Water park.  The ones there exist are for the upper-society.  Where I live only parks children have are small plots around the Lahore Canal.

I saw someone saying this on Tv. and I agree with her so much on this, What kind of society we have, where only thing we do for going out it going to eat?


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